Schools & Host Families


All students will attend school Monday to Friday. Students will be placed in classes with Irish students according to their age profile.

The tutors will compile a structured syllabus for learning and progress will be monitored carefully being produced for each student at the end of their stay. Tutors will also supervise weekend activities and day trips thus ensuring an Spanish learning atmosphere throughout.

All schools have been carefully chosen to give students a top academic and learning atmosphere as well as a safe environment for the learning of English in Ireland.


We carefully choose the host families and encourage responsible and friendly interaction between students and the Irish families. The family is instrumental to the success of the project and defines our title ‘Ireland & Families’. The significance of reliable families lend favourable with the foreign families as would with any parents sending their children abroad. We pride ourselves on our dedication to individual concerns and the personal development of our students.

If you wish to become a host family, please get in touch with us. Details below.